Thirty ideas for improvements were identified with the help of a Technical Advisory Committee made up of engineers, planners and leadership from the City of Vancouver, Clark County, Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council, and C-TRAN.

Using input from the community and local partners, the ideas were narrowed down to three concepts that could be delivered at a fraction of the cost of an overpass and interchange project. Each concept would improve safety and reduce congestion.

We need your help to make sure we have accurately captured all perspectives. We will use your input on these proposed concepts to refine them. Then, with guidance from the Technical Advisory and Executive Committees, we will select a preferred concept that best addresses the need to improve safety and is aligned with the community’s priorities.

Three concepts are being considered:

Click on the images below for details, illustrations and animations, and for opportunities to provide input on each of the three concepts.

No Access Concept

Illustrated map of No Access comment

Right-In/Right-Out Concept

Illustrated map of Right-In/Right-Out concept

Restricted Crossing U‑Turn (RCUT) Concept

Illustrated map of Right-In/Right-Out Concept

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Existing bike/ped crossing

Proposed bike/ped crossing

Symbol indicating no pedestrian or bike access No pedestrian or bike crossing


No Access Right-In / Right-Out Restricted Crossing U‑turn
Performance Category Close both intersections & install new pedestrian crossing at 54th Right-in/right-out at both intersections & install new pedestrian crossing at 54th Restricted crossing U‑turn & reconfigure pedestrian crossing
Safety Improve safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists better neutral lesser
Maintain safe pedestrian/bicyclist access across SR 500 better better neutral
Mobility Improve travel times on SR 500 between I-5 and I-205 better better neutral
Minimize redirection on local streets lesser neutral better
Access Vehicle access to/from SR 500 at 42nd and 54th lesser neutral better
Traveling across SR 500 at 42nd and/or 54th lesser lesser neutral
Accommodate emergency access lesser better neutral
Cost Initial estimated cost range $3-4 million $3-4 million $4-6 million

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